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The Final Straw
The program (RapidWeaver) that I used to create the website has become corrupted.
The box below means that all the images on the old website won't display.
RW is telling all the images to fit into nothingness.
The Technical Team at RW have tried to help, but nothing has worked.
Not even the Nuclear Option - REPUBLISHING!
New images can be uploaded (and they display) but RW is still corrupted.
I’m surprised that they even tried, given that the program is over 10 years old.
Tony Furniss - 077633 70171

Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 11.32.46

Reasons 4 Quitting
1. The only solution is a new RW program to make a new website.
2. A new version of RW is only available by subscription.
3. The cost of Hosting the site has increased steadily over the years.
4. The bigger site had become more time consuming.
5. A new website would take more
Screen Shot 2023-07-22 at 16.02.51
Tony Furniss - 077633 70171