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Raughton Head W.I.
We meet on the last Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm. in Primrose Hall, Gaitsgill.

As Jackie our President was unable to attend our meeting, Kathleen, our Vice President took the meeting. She welcomed 17 members and our speaker, Sam Mason from the Eden River Trust, who gave a very interesting talk on ‘Healthy Rivers For All’. Sam’s work covers the Eden catchment which is a large area of 2400 square kilometres. The area has a diverse topography and 97% is farming land. Their vision is to 1) Protect - species e.g. weir removal 2) Improve - water quality, flood management and 3) Connect - encourage people to enjoy the rivers, work in the community. It is funded by the Heritage Lottery Programme. It is a 5 year programme which has been running for 4 years therefore leaving 1 year. This hopefully will not be the end of their work as new funding is being sought. They do a very worthwhile job, ensuring that we are all able to enjoy our rivers whereby they are safe and clean. Where the flora and fauna can live in its natural environment. To help do this, there is a volunteer force to assist. They also run apprenticeship schemes which hopefully ensure the ‘Healthy Rivers For All’ vision remains for many years to come. From June 16th to 30th September 2018, there will be an exhibition at Tullie House entitled ‘Eden Rivers Wonder World’. Events like this are organised to help raise public awareness of the work done to ensure the continued enjoyment and sustainability of our rivers.
A vote of thanks was given by Kathleen Harrington.
Sam then judged our competition which was ‘An Unusual River Item’.
The results were: 1
st Amanda Grace, 2nd Sheila Mobey and 3rd Beryl Craig.
The business of the meeting was conducted including a reminder of an invitation to Cummersdale WI in November.
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AGM - Homemade soup and bread will be served
The competition: Making a Christmas Card (on the night)
We don’t have a meeting in December but we will have
a Christmas lunch at The Globe, Calthwaite.
We start our new programme and will kick off the year
celebrating our 94
th birthday with music and a hot supper.
Happy Christmas from all at Raughton Head W.I.
Marian Collins – 016974 76903

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We started the year with our 92nd birthday party, where we were joined by The Dalston Songbirds, a group of mothers and children who gave us the most beautiful rendition of songs.
February came and our speakers were George Cairns and Chris Hudson, who talked to us on the subject of Lone Lady Drivers, which hopefully resulted with all the drivers in the room being more aware of driving alone. They also asked the age old question as to who are the better drivers, men or women? The answer was obvious, ladies of course and all agreed that this answer was non negotiable!
March we heard the Confessions of our local Squirrel Ranger.
April came and as spring was approaching we were shown how to create a ‘floral display in a container’ by Sally Pigg of Roseberry Floral Design. After being shown it was our turn to create a display. The results were very good and showed what a creative bunch we are.This brings us on to our May Guest night, where we had guests from Burgh by Sands, Crofton, Great Orton, Kirkandrews and Kirkbampton. Our entertainment was The Great Ribena, who performed magic and comedy, and kept us laughing from beginning to end.
Our summer outing in
June was to the Lakeland Distillery, whereby lunch followed by a tour was enjoyed and samples of whiskey, gin and vodka were on offer. Unfortunately the drivers had to make do with the vapours.
It was back to base for
July, where we had a very interesting talk from Al McCaig of the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team. It was nice to know these people are here if we get lost on the Fells.
August we once again veered away from our normal meeting place and enjoyed the Gaitsgill Supper Trail. The first venue being at Shirley Chapman’s for our starters and then onto Cynthia Ebbatson’s for our main course. It was a lovely evening and a time to relax and socialise with good food and good company.
September we learnt about Blood Bikes Cumbria and the valuable work they did. This was followed in October by a talk from Dennis Donald about tracing his family history. November is our AGM, but still a meeting to enjoy. Once the business of the evening was over we enjoyed homemade soup and fresh bread. Giving us time to chat and look back on the year and wonder what the new year will bring.
We don’t have an official meeting in
December but enjoy getting together for a Christmas lunch. 2016 saw us at The Queens, Warwick on Eden. Everyone enjoyed the good food and had a good time. A fitting end to a good year.
Members have twice attended guest nights at Ivegill WI, which have proved very enjoyable and interesting. We have had members taking part in Darts matches and Women Walk the World. We have also continued with attending Felicity Coulthard’s ‘Remember When’ group and her Art Group. Once a month some take a walk, organized by Vera Harris, which is very enjoyable, especially the cup of tea or coffee at the end. We have enjoyed the events and activities of 2016 and now 2017 is upon us, we once again look forward to the new year ahead and all the new things that the new year has in store for us. Any ladies interested in joining us, we would love to see you, we are a friendly bunch and if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Marian Collins – 016974 76903