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Raughton Head W.I.
We meet on the last Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm. in Primrose Hall, Gaitsgill.

Jackie welcomed 20 members and 2 guests to our 1
st meeting of 2018. This was also our 94th Birthday Party. Our new 2018 Programme and WI Booklets were made available to members. The business of the evening was brief so it was not long before we were tucking into our hot supper of Cottage Pie which was supplied by Country Kitchens in Dalston, this with some extra vegetables brought in by Margaret Pinguey made a lovely supper. To follow we had fruit salad, courtesy of all our members.
Our entertainers, Ros & Dave joined us for supper before they played some well known songs on the Accordian and Keyboards. Some members also got up and had a dance, though some did better than others and knew what they were doing, others did not!
After this our competition, A Record Sleeve was judged and the results were
st Carol Raffles, 2nd Marian Collins and 3rd Ina Monkhouse.
We also started our new Rolling Raffle this month and our first winner was Pat Jackson. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the birthday celebrations.
Jennifer Carruthers is going to show us how to recycle Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards or any type of card.
Our competition will be A Wrapped Parcel.
Gordon Grace is going to tell us about what happened behind the scenes during the Falklands War. During the Falklands, Buster was a Lieutenant Commander, Officer in Charge, Casualty Reporting, so well qualified to talk on this subject and promises to be a very interesting evening. We are also inviting husbands, partners etc. for the evening.
The 2018 Raughton Head WI year has got off to a wonderful start and the new programme offers some interesting talks and events to come. As always guests are welcome for the evening or if wishing to join please do not hesitate to contact me.
Marian Collins – 016974 76903

2017 was an enjoyable and successful year for our WI.
January - 93rd Birthday Party. For this we had a Fun Night, which gave us a good laugh, this with a delicious supper set us up for things to come in 2017.
February - Graham Holliday came in and told us about his trip to Machu Picchu.
March - we were given tips on non-aggressive communication by Catriona Messenger.
April - we went travelling again and heard about Emily Arter’s year in New Zealand.
May - brought us back to Blighty with a visit to Skiprigg Farm to witness the new computerised automated milking parlour.
June - was our guest night. Our speaker was Sarah Ledger who gave a humorous talk on a series of challenges that she had set herself for her 49th year. Joining us for the night were invited guests from Wetheral, Ivegill, Longtown, Penrith and Uldale WIs.
July - Janet Mountain gave us a thought provoking talk on The Challenge of Change.
August - This brought us to our summer outing, where 19 of us went to The Devils Porridge Museum at Eastriggs. The museum was very interesting and we all enjoyed the fabulous afternoon tea provided by the museum.
September - Emily Atherton, the news editor of the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald came to see us, giving an informative history of the newspaper which has been with us since 1860.
October - Sam Mason from the Eden River Trust told us about their work to achieve “Healthy Rivers For All”.
November - the AGM took place and after the serious business of the evening we enjoyed homemade soup and bread.
Members have also taken part in Darts matches and organised walks. Felicity’s Coulthard’s ‘Remember When’ group and her Art Group continue. Along with this there has been various activities available in the WI County News.
December - we went for a very enjoyable Christmas lunch in The Globe at Calthwaite.
Of course all new members or guests are always welcome
Marian Collins – 016974 76903