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Pentecost Communion
I know that many of us have been missing communion and I think I have found a way for us to share communion in a way which is both safe and complies with all guidelines and rules.
1. We can share in the communion prayers through the livestream service at 10am.
2. For those who can leave their houses, I will place a table at my garden gate for you to walk or drive to. Please don't all come at once! As each person or household approaches the table I will place bread with a drip of wine on for you to collect. We will not touch or come within 2 metres of each other and the only person who will have touched (or breathed on!) each piece of bread will be me and yourself.
3. If anyone in the benefice lives too far away or cannot leave their house I will arrange delivery of communion in sealed sandwich bag.
So that I can prepare the correct amount of bread please send me an email letting me know if you will be coming to receive at the table, if you would like a delivery or if you would be able to deliver to others.
I know this might seem like a huge palaver but it is important to me. If you would prefer to receive communion spiritually then please just join in with the prayers online. For those of us who are able to travel that journey could be part of your communion if we do it in the right spirit. I recognise that we are not allowed to congregate so I am not encouraging a gathering but if we can travel for exercise and groceries then we must be able to collect communion.

How would you like livestream service sheets?
Each week I have prepared service sheets on a Jpeg, for opening on the screen and pasted in Facebook post for pre-printing. I am happy to keep doing this but I have not really been able to work out if anyone is using these. Please let me know if you are using the Jpeg, pasted or copy or would prefer the words to be emailed to you.

Rogation Prayer Pilgrimage
Thank you to everyone who supported my Rogation Prayer Pilgrimage last week. I had thought it might just be me but many people turned out either to greet or walk with me and it turned out be quite a jolly day. I definitely think that we can expand on this in future years.
It was spiritual, prayerful, joyful and then turned into an endurance test as I'm not as fit as I should be! It was also nice that it got onto Radio Cumbria, you can listen to it from from 3:19:30 - 3:27:15 by clicking here
https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08cdjfn?fbclid=IwAR21m2VSiS5kl3mgtvMcHKiQG47dSZCTl0K0DQbhBZmqWWWNkLbuISS-2I0 . There will be an article in the Cumberland News on Friday. However, the point was to bless the farmers, fields and all those who work to provide for us. I hope we will continue to proclaim God's love, call out for justice and bless those who are working and suffering.

The festival of Pentecost is often described as the birthday of the church. It is the day when the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and came out of hiding to preach the gospel to the world. This Sunday we will pray that we may all be filled with the Holy Spirit and that we will be emboldened to serve as God calls us to. I am looking forward to this Sunday and hope to share it with you at 10am.

Readings for Sunday 31st May John 7.37-39, Acts 2.1-21, 1 Corinthians 12,3-13

Let's worship together
Church in the garden
will continue as a Livestream on Facebook at 10am each Sunday during Lockdown. These can be watched live by sending Ben Phillips a friend request or on repeat at Dalston with Cumdivock, Raughton Head and Wreay. So far, these have felt quite joyous and hopeful. If you know someone offline that would like to take part why not take a phone or ipad round to their garden.

Foodbank Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Foodbank in the Co-Op. We have had a lot of contributions. Helen has offered to host another collection point for those who cannot go to the Co-op. Whilst the restrictions are in place she and Colin will leave a box in the porch of 12 Station Rd and empty it every night. They will keep the porch door open from 9am to 9pm so no handles need to be touched.

Zoom Coffee Mornings Helen Banks has offered to organise one of these, if you would like to get in touch with others please send her an email at hbanksdalston@gmail.com . It maybe that the people that would like this most won't have the technology to make it work, so if you know someone you could help please let them know.

Dalston Methodist Chapel are running a regular Zoom Circuit Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays, 6:00 PM. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/79171221430 Meeting ID: 791 7122 1430 . Everyone is welcome to join.

Dalston Cemetery The Parish Council were told to shut the cemetery for exercise and did so a few weeks ago. The guidance has been updated and the cemetery is now open to those who wish to vist graves of loved ones.

Funerals It is with sadness that we mark the deaths of Maggie Trimble, Joan White and Mike Rogerson. Please have their families in your prayers.
Maggie Trimble - the family have invited you to join on Friday 24
th April at 11am by Livestream using this link: https://youtu.be/Y_1DOdLLn5s
Joan White - there will be a private service at Carlisle Crematorium at 1pm on 1
st May.
Mike Rogerson - The family have invited us to show our respect by standing outside on the route from 11 Madam Banks to Carlisle Crematorium at 3.50pm Friday 1st May.

Pray for the Hospital Chaplaincy Team. Several people known to many of us in the parish are on the Chaplaincy staff: Sheryl Haw, Eleanor Hancock and David Newlove.
Pray for those in hospital. Elizabeth Roberts and Brian Clayton are currently in hospital please do pray for them and their families.

Hospital Card Hosptials will only allow a chaplain to visit you if you have given consent. You may want to print and carry this card in your wallet.

Funeral Fees
I am concerned that some people may avoid prayers due to cost and the fact that very few people can attend. I have asked the bishop and he has given permission for me to waive fees at my discretion. I will not be charging any fees during lockdown. I can attend the crematorium or the graveside even if no mourners can attend. Where people want this I think the prayers are important, even if no-one is present, and will lend some more dignity in difficult circumstances.

Phone calls
Due to the Data protection rules the church does not have a full list of phone numbers for members. If you know someone who is isolated who would appreciate a call from me, please would you call them, ask them if they would like a call and ask them for permission to give me their number and then email their name and number.

Volunteer Staffing for NHS
If you are able you can volunteer using this link:

Meals on Wheels
If you are living alone, elderly or with health issues Dalston has its very own Meals on Wheels. A hot dinner and desert can be delivered to you at lunch time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for only £4.50. Contact Joyce at the Country Kitchen 01228711431.

Sending you all my prayers and blessings, God bless,

Ben Phillips - Tel.: 07936 099123
Sharing the Love of Jesus

Church Services you can tune into

Our Benefice https://www.facebook.com/sharingJesuswithall
Carlisle Cathedral https://www.facebook.com/CarlisleCathedral , https://carlislecathedral.org.uk
Hebron https://hebronevangelical.churchsuite.com/events/36auioz9?signup_form=0
Vineyard http://www.carlislevineyard.com/comingup

BBC Radio Cumbria (95.6 FM)
A virtual church service at 8.00 am. each Sunday will be launched across local radio in England. This will be in the middle of Richard Corrie’s Sunday Breakfast Show, 6.00 am. - 9.00 am.

BBC Radio 4 - Long Wave (198 LW)*
The Daily Service is an Act of worship with a Bible reading, prayer and music.
This is at 9.45 am. each day.

BBC Radio 4 (92 - 95 FM)
Prayer for the Day is a spiritual comment and prayer, to start each day
This is at 5.43 am. each day.

*BBC Radio 4 Long Wave is available as a Radio 4 DAB side channel