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Communion Services
Good afternoon everyone - Being church in lockdown continues!
Harvest was great. Thank you very much to everyone across our churches who gave so generously to our Food bank appeal. Thank you to everyone who collected and delivered all the food. The Foodbanks were delighted and the atmosphere in our churches had a real sense of joy and celebration.
Livestream Church in the Garden will continue at 10am each Sunday.
Benefice Prayer service will be at 10.45 in St Michael's Dalston.
Communion Services will take place at Raughton Head this Sunday (18th Oct) at 11.15 and at 11.15 in Wreay next Sunday (25th Oct). We will have social distancing, masks, no drinking from the chalice and no singing! But God will be worshipped.
APCMs have taken place for Dalston and Wreay with Raughton Head's meeting happening at 6pm on Wed 21st Oct in the church.
Funerals Please pray for the family of Maureen Mason who was cremated today and Joan White whose ashes were buried earlier this week.
Baptism attendance numbers have been put down to 6. Please have Luke Wilkinson and his family in your prayers as Luke was baptised in Dalston on Sunday.
Winter Clothing Appeal for the Women's Family Homeless Refuge. If you have clean, warm winter clothing for men and women which you no longer need please could you leave it in the designated area at the back of church during the week beginning 1st Nov.
Please put all donations in fastened plastic bags. All clothes must be clean and no underwear unless it is new and packaged please. They currently have no need for children's clothing.Hopefully see you all at our Livestream service on Sunday, service sheets and Fellowship Group questions will be sent out tomorrow. God bless.

Ben Phillips - 070360 99123

We are entering into a strange time of holiday. The kids are definitely off school and there is no mitigating their delight in that! The tourists are appearing a bit. Many of us are still at work and wondering if we will ever have a "normal" holiday again. But, rest is a wonderful thing and mandated by God.
It is a wonderful thing that God commanded us to rest. It is the fourth commandment, higher up the list than murder or stealing. "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work." God wants us to regularly down tools. Take a break, think on what is holy, worship and rest. God rested on the seventh day of creation and human beings are more productive when they have work and rest in a balance
So, whether you are working or resting - have a Happy Summer Holiday. I do hope that you take rest when you can and recuperate with friends and family.
God bless.

Church Services
Church in the Garden continues to be livestreamed at 10.00 am. on Facebook for all.
A short benefice services will take place in St Michaels Dalston, each Sunday at 10.45 am.

A Gradual Return
Dear Friends, I had thought that the PM's announcement last week would mean a gradual return to normality in church. However, subsequent rules and guidelines from the government and C of E mean that this return is going to be far more gradual than I thought.
The main relevant restrictions are that we are told to keep 2m apart and we are not supposed to sing. They have also said that no-one should speak loudly and a solo singer would have to stand behind a perspex screen! Also, we are still not allowed to gather outside.
After email consultation with PCC members I have decided that we will return to church but in a more limited way than I expected.
  • Church in the Garden will continue! The service will be Livestreamed (with singing!) at 10am.
  • At 10.30am I am inviting anyone who would like to to prayerfully process through the village to St Michaels.
  • At 10.45am we will ring the bells and enter the church to complete the service with a 10 minute socially distanced communion. If there are too many folk I will ask some to wait for a second sitting! I and you will be the only people who touch or breath on the wafer - I will place it on an individual piece of paper on a table and step back.
My reasoning in this is that 1. We still need to serve our whole community and many of our members could be excluded by not being able to enter the church. 2. It is symbolically important to me that we re-open the church to show that we are here and worshipping. Most other options just look dreary and depressing and won't serve everybody. This way we all come together online and those who can make it safely can receive communion.
We have completed a risk assessment and we will have safe distancing, hand sanitising, a one way system, in-and-out doors, and good ventilation. Over the coming weeks we will see how the situation develops and the restrictions change. I look forward to seeing everyone at the livestream service and as many who can at the church. God bless.

Church Services you can tune into

Our Benefice https://www.facebook.com/sharingJesuswithall
Carlisle Cathedral https://www.facebook.com/CarlisleCathedral , https://carlislecathedral.org.uk
Hebron https://hebronevangelical.churchsuite.com/events/36auioz9?signup_form=0
Vineyard http://www.carlislevineyard.com/comingup

BBC Radio Cumbria (95.6 FM)
A virtual church service at 8.00 am. each Sunday will be launched across local radio in England. This will be in the middle of Richard Corrie’s Sunday Breakfast Show, 6.00 am. - 9.00 am.

BBC Radio 4 - Long Wave (198 LW)*
The Daily Service is an Act of worship with a Bible reading, prayer and music.
This is at 9.45 am. each day.

BBC Radio 4 (92 - 95 FM)
Prayer for the Day is a spiritual comment and prayer, to start each day
This is at 5.43 am. each day.

*BBC Radio 4 Long Wave is available as a Radio 4 DAB side channel