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The Government is now advising for the use of face masks on public transport and shops
(where social distancing is difficult).

Coronavirus How to make your own face mask
The BBC has detailed instructions on how make your own face masks.
A Bandana - folded cloth with elastic bands.
An old T-shirt - cut up and pinned together.
A 25 cm X 30 cm piece of cloth - hand or machine sew.

To visit their website click on the picture above.

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Designer Christopher Kane has provided a free face mask pattern, with detailed instructions.
To download a pattern for Christopher's face mask, click on the picture above.

The consumer magazine Which has published advice on face masks.
What you need to know about wearing a face mask.
Buying a face mask.
Making your own face mask.
The best material for face masks.
How to use a face mask properly.
How to wash a face mask.
To visit their website, click on the picture above.

Public Health England How To Make and Wear Face Mask
Public Health England have issued guidance on face masks.
Wearing a face covering.
Making your own face covering using a T-shirt.
A sewn face covering.
To visit their website, click on the picture above.

How to wear a face mask/covering
Coronavirus how to wear a face mask covering
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COVID-19 Kiss
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