Vacination Scam Covid-19
Over 89.3% adults have received their first and over 81.5% their second jab.
(17th September)

More jabs in arms
The most obvious consequence of the delay (to the final unlocking on the 19th July) will be that a greater number of people will have been vaccinated. Chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance says this will act as a "double protection".
That is because the over-40s, who are most at risk of serious illness, will have had the chance to be fully vaccinated.
Meanwhile, younger age groups, who have the highest rates of infection, will have the benefit of one jab if they take up the offer. As well as providing some protection to them, this will help slow the spread of the virus.

Covid Vaccination Selfie
If it's not on Facebook it didn't happen. :-)

Limit the impact of this wave
Infection rates are already rising rapidly - doubling every 10 days or so. On current trends, we could hit January levels of infections by the end of July.
The fear was that opening up further would have allowed the virus to spread even more quickly than it is now.
By delaying opening up by four weeks, government modellers say it could reduce the number of those cases ending up in hospital by between a third and a half to around 1,000 a day in the summer.

Vaccines alone will not stop Covid spreading.
The Swiss Cheese Model - 9 defences are better than 1
Why 9 defences are better than 1.
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