Dalston Methodist Church Raughton Head Parish Magazine
Friends, this time in the life of the Church is a great period of anticipation, a time of waiting for what is to come. For the disciples it was to await Christ’s ascension 40 days after his resurrection and then 10 days later Pentecost, the great move of God’s Holy Spirit on all his people – something we still sense today. For us in Dalston too it’s a much awaited time.
Holding to the restrictions we reopen our doors at the Chapel on the
16th May in preparation for Pentecost on the 23rd May. We have been looking forward to this day for a long time and though it is not the great feast we will celebrate. Blessings to all.
Rev David Newlove (Minister) - 01228 585295


We hold our services every Sunday at 10.30 am. in the Chapel on The Green, Dalston, followed by tea and coffee.

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