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Green Eco Church

Recently, the Diocese of Carlisle arranged a Net Zero Carbon Forum, online, to consider ways that churches could be proactive in looking at environmental climate activity towards creating a Net Zero Carbon environment on our patch in Cumbria.

A practical way forward could be to establish a Green-Eco working group for the parish. We could initially focus on ways to develop the potential of the churchyard to be a wildlife friendly place, as well as providing a spiritual place of rest and worship.

Suggestions are to develop a wildlife corridor of trees and to make a start for the Platinum Jubilee with a celebration tree planting in June. All ideas would need to be approved by All Saints PCC before putting into action.

There is a scheme we could join for a November planting of trees.
But realistically we need to have a willing group to plan and bring these ideas into action.

The links below give further explanation why we should be thinking and acting on some of these measures within our personal and community lives. Some are simple suggestions which we may be already doing. Others might be best tackled as a community.

Resources and Links

Diocese of Carlisle
Anna Newlove (Pastoral Officer) - 07435 760320

National Environment Programme webinars
from this page you can catch up on previous webinars and sign up for future ones

Housekeeping and Quick Wins webinar

Carbon Footprint Calculators - 360 Carbon

Eco Church

Helpful Resources page on the Diocese website (which is updated regularly)

Case studies

If you are interested about finding ways to build a greener planet, get in touch and we could see how our church could be a beacon for the environment.
Please contact:
Glenda Furniss - 07763 372195