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Caldbeck Surgery
This year the Flu vaccination programme needs to be run differently to previous years. We can’t rely on vaccinating people when they happen to be in the surgery for another matter, and we don’t have space for safe queueing on our site. We’ve decided that to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible, we need to run our flu clinics off-site were we can have queues under cover and socially-distanced.
We normally vaccinate the over 65s and those who have a condition that puts them more at-risk from flu; this year we also have those who have been officially advised to shield due to Covid-19, and the prospect (not yet confirmed by the NHS) of adding the 50-64 year olds to those eligible.
Our plan is to run flu-specific clinics at Caldbeck village hall, spread over 6 weeks (since our vaccine is delivered in tranches over this period). We will prioritise as follows:

1. Those who are officially shielding i.e. have received a shielding advice letter from NHS England, including their household-members who are on the ‘at risk’ list
2 Those who are ‘at risk’ and those who are over 65 (the normal flu groups)
3 Those who are 50-64 (should this cohort become included)

You will receive either an SMS text or a letter inviting you to a specific date and either an AM or a PM clinic, please attend at this time and date if at all possible. The dates that the clinics will be running are shown below, if you are unable to attend at your designated time please ring us to arrange an alternative date, *after the date you were invited*. Please be aware you may need to wait longer. (if you attend earlier we may not have enough vaccine and will have to turn you away)
In particular, if you have not been officially advised to shield, *
do not attend on the shielding days*. Keeping this group of patients separate from others is of vital importance to their safety.

Please do not attend if you have not received a letter or SMS text invite.
If you believe you are in an eligible group and have not been invited by 30
th September please call us. We have just enough vaccine to cover our priority populations as above (pending NHS vaccine supply for the 50-64s), and we will not be able to vaccinate anyone who is ineligible (and who would therefore pay for vaccination) until we are certain that the priority groups have all been vaccinated.

Clinics will run from 09:00 am. -12:00 noon and 14:00 pm. – 17:00 pm. on each day.
Hall access will be closed outside these times.
Please note that we will be using the hall side doors for entry & exit only, as the front steps aren’t suitable for limited-mobility access. To preserve safe queueing and social distance, all entry will be via the right-hand door, and all exit via the left-hand door.
Dates for 50 - 64 year-olds will be provided in due course once we have NHS confirmation of eligibility and additional vaccine stock has been provided.
Caldbeck Surgery - 016974 78254

Caldbeck Surgery Flu Clinics

Dalston Medical Practice
Telephone - 01228 710451
Please phone to make an appointment. Please ensure you are wearing a face covering before entering the building. Do not enter the building, if you have a high temperature, ongoing cough, or change/loss in sense of smell/taste. Please note we have a one-way system in operation and you CANNOT exit the building through the entrance for dispensary. Please follow the EXIT signs. There are only two people permitted at one time in the dispensary. Please stand in the black and yellow boxes to ensure you are social distancing. Please use the hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the building. 
The flu clinics begin in October. Patients with long term conditions and those over 65 years old will be sent details by text / email or letter with information and specific times.
Prescriptions can still be ordered by leaving a message on the answerphone.
Please phone between 8.00 am. and 6.30 pm. for an appointment.
Or phone 111 (the national non-emergency medical number)
Thank you for your co-operation.


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