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Daffodil Planting - Raughton
A big thank you to the Hetherington family for organising a Raughton Daffodil planting on Sunday 18th October.  Helen was able to rally the help of the local community to plant 2500 bulbs along the verges to brighten the Spring to come. In the spirit of enlivening things further, others will be renovating our unique Black and White road signs with paint donated by the council.
This Sunday meet was good way for neighbours to have catch-up in a Covid safe way and share in the hospitality of neighbours. It may well be that some who pass through these lanes will learn to drive slower through the village as they admire the blooms next Spring. The walkers and cyclist who use these roads will certainly enjoy the splashes of colour.
Amazingly, there are still more places to plant, so Helen is ordering some more bulbs and volunteers will be welcome. Thank you Helen for your big heart and generosity.
Glenda Furniss - 07763 372195

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Pat Wright is working with Joyce from the Country Kitchen to make community meals and frozen soups for elderly folk in the community. Everyone is invited to volunteer to help with making and delivering soup as a Harvest Blessing (veg supplied).
If anyone has an elderly person who would benefit from a doorstep drop off just as a harvest blessing, please contact Joyce. The veg used is organic from a local nursery
Pat Wright - patspost555@gmail.com
Joyce - 01228 711431

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Co-op Foodbank
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Foodbank in the Co-op. We have had a lot of contributions. Helen has offered to host another collection point for those who cannot go to the Co-op. Whilst the restrictions are in place she and Colin will leave a box in the porch of 12, Station Rd and empty it every night. They will keep the porch door open from 9.00 am. to 9.00 pm. so no handles need to be touched.