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It is so lovely to have welcomed some of the children back to school this half term. For some this is full weeks and others just a couple of days per week. We have to adhere to government guidelines which sadly means that we cannot have everyone back yet - something that I hope we will be able to do soon. School is a different place but still a happy one - the children amaze me at how easily they adapt to new arrangements and we have felt no need to tape our playground or corridors to allow for correct distancing as they seem to have grasped this straight away!  Lots of schools in the county have adopted different approaches to reopening and after careful risk assessments we have reopened our doors for up to 30 children from nursery, reception, years 1, 6 and key worker children.  I'm pleased to say the wearing of face masks is not recommended within every day school practice as this was something I felt may scare the children. We wash and sanitise our hands frequently and the antibacterial sprays and wipes are like a third arm! Nonetheless school is running smoothly and contrary to some photos in the press the children are allowed to play with one another and do not spend all day sat at their desks - playtime outside is extra long as we have been blessed by such good weather and the transmission of germs is much harder in the fresh air. 
It saddens me that we cannot hold our usual end of year events such as, Sports day, the Summer Fayre and Leaver's Service but one day I am sure we will make up for it and the community can come together once more.
Alison Dickinson – 016974 76291

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February Winners
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Raughton Head C of E Nursery Pre-School
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Nursery for children from 3 years old.
Monday - 8.45 am. to 3:30 pm.

Tuesday - 8.45 am. to 3:30 pm.
Wednesday - 8.45 am. to 3:30 pm.
Thursday - 8.45 am. to 3:30 pm.
Friday – 8.45 am. to 3:30 pm.
Half days if required (8.45 am. to 12.00 noon or 1.00 pm.)

Breakfast & After School Club
Cancelled due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Opening again in September.
Breakfast Club available from 8:00 am. to 8:45 am. (includes breakfast)
Early drop off from 8:30 am. (no breakfast)
After School Club available from 3:30 pm. to 5:30 pm. (includes a snack)
Please contact the school for prices and special offers 

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