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Raughton Head C of E Primary School
We are all excited to be starting a new school year and welcome 7 children into our reception class - they have had brilliant induction days in the summer term and I am sure will have no problems settling into the class. We welcome 4 new children into our nursery taking the total of early years' children to 16. With such healthy numbers, we have been completing some alterations in the classroom which has seen the introduction of a new toilet for the smaller bottoms!
As a whole school we will be looking at Harvest and what this means to our local community but also to the whole world. This will link nicely with our new Fair-trade Award and the Harvest Festival in church at the end of the month.
Clubs have continued after school with lots of different activities including; sports, drama, Lego, traditional games and computing. This allows children to join in with their friends in a wide range of activities or giving parents an extra hour of childcare. See the website for more details of any clubs or activities we do out of school hours!
The website also has a calendar of events including dates for Community Lunches which you are all welcome to attend.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Alison Dickinson – 016974 76291

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Raughton Head C of E Nursery Pre-School
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Nursery for children from 3 years old.
Monday - 9.00 am. to 3:30 pm.

Tuesday - 9.0 am. to 1.00 pm.
Wednesday - 9.00 am. to 3:30 pm.
Thursday - 9.0 am. to 1.00 pm.
Friday – 9.00 am. to 3:30 pm.
(lunch available at £2.00 per child)

Breakfast & After School Club
Breakfast Club available from 8:00 am. to 8:45 am. (includes breakfast)
Early drop off from 8:30 am. (no breakfast)
After School Club available from 3:30 pm. to 5:30 pm. (includes a snack)
Please contact the school for prices and special offers