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Even at a time of restriction we are in a time of growth.
Our new garden grows in abundance. We are exceedingly blessed to have it. Over the last months we have done an awful lot of hacking. We have hacked branches, bushes, weeds and stinging nettles but it still continues to sprout. I was very encouraged by a friend telling me that it takes seven years to get a garden under control - we still have time!
One of the beauties of our garden is to discover all the love that has been put into it by so many others over the years. As time has passed through this year we have discovered many things springing to life that we would never have known were there: snowdrops, daffodils, bluebells, fox gloves and now buttercups. We are still not on top of all that needs to be done but we have planted some things and we are loving watching all that grows.
It makes me think of a line of scripture that has always rang a bell with me, Micah 4.4, "Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig-tree, and no-one will make them afraid..." It feels to me like God having a vision of each of us having enough, not too much, but the amount that means that we are provided for and do not need to be afraid. It is part of Micah's prophecy of a future time of complete peace and justice. I look forward to this but in the meantime I hope, for many of us, that our gardens and the nature that surrounds us give us a foretaste of that paradise. May the abundance of growing things in Raughton Head be a real blessing to each of you.
God bless.

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