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Listening with horror to the radio the other morning when the latest price for a litre of unleaded petrol was announced, I wonder why anyone runs a car these days. Well, for rural dwellers it is an unfortunate necessity, but not for all. Since an illness several years ago complicated my continuing to be a car owner, I got rid 'Ruby', my £400 Ford 'Orion', when she failed her MOT test. Thereafter through a combination of lifts from neighbours and the occasional loan of somebody’s rarely used car, I managed reasonably well. Until that is the medics took me off driving permanently. Visions and having to move to Dalston, or even worse Carlisle, swam before my eyes until a friend mentioned the Voluntary Social Car Scheme. Not to be confused with 'Rural Wheels' which is bureaucratic beyond belief. VSCS is locally run for the benefit of local people. The ladies (I haven’t as yet had a male volunteer driver) are unfailingly co-operative, cheerful (even at 6:30 am. on a cold and frosty mid-winter morning) and flexible, and the mileage charges are, compared the cost to running a car, excellent value for money. Given the many advantages of living in a rural community, the downside will always be the high cost of transportation. For we residents of a certain age however, that doesn’t have to mean a complete loss of independence. So thank-you Ina, Felicity and Pat, for making it possible for me to stay in touch with the wide world beyond Rose Bridge.
Alan Lyne

The local co-ordinators for the Voluntary Social Car Scheme are
Ina Monkhouse - 016974 76462
Felicity Kaye - O16974 76376

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