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All Saints Church Festival Weekend
27th - 29th October 2017

Raughton Head All Saints Church Festival Weekend 2017 will be focussed on Marriage
This year at All Saints we want to celebrate marriage and are looking for your help. You are the people and families who live and work in our community. We would really welcome your input in making All Saints Festival Weekend a success.
Our intention is to provide an exhibition space similar to last year where everyone can have their marriage celebrated.
We are interested in all marriages, it doesn’t matter if you we’re married at All Saints, Carlisle Cathedral, a hotel, in an ice church in Lapland, on a beach abroad somewhere, register office, anywhere at all.
We’d be particularly interested in non Christian marriages such as Hindu, Jewish, Islamic or the likes.
Please also include all parents, grandparents, anyone from your extended family, both past and present.
The more information you can offer the more interesting the exhibition. We’re looking for;
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Full Names
When and where married
Date and day
A Photograph
Current address
To really celebrate your marriage though it would be great if you provided those little extra pieces of memorabilia which could include
copies of a number of before, during and after the service photographs
Order of service/Hymns
Names of other music played
Video/CD of the service
Special readings
Bible readings
Location of reception
Location of honeymoon
Marriage certificate

Categorising each wedding depends largely on what we receive in the first instance, but by each decade would provide an interesting visual contrast. Alternatively this may be split into families. We’ll see nearer the time!
The table area we set up last year will be used for
wedding albums. We realise not everyone will be willing to trust us, let alone the public with such a precious heirloom, but we’re hoping that some folks may take us up on this. There would be supervised/monitored to ensure good treatment and wouldn’t have to be available for the two days. A few hours would be gratefully appreciated.
One point of attire worthy of display would be the
bride’s dress. These would be hung up or displayed on a manikin. Should you have yours available, we‘d be delighted to exhibit these. The groom’s outfit would also be gratefully considered.
Any item presented to us would be taken away, photocopied by us, or be a photocopy already. Should you wish to provide original documentations and photographs, we shall be having at least two people on overseeing the festival, but we can’t guarantee security.
It’s maybe a lot to ask, but if the basic information is provided and a few other items of memorabilia, then we could have the start of something interesting, relevant, educational and perhaps poignant. The setting up will be done by others, although any help would be gratefully received. We are looking to have all information available to us by the end of August to allow enough time to photocopy, return originals and consider the most appropriate layout for the exhibition.
The sooner the better please.
Please contact Rod Phillips with any queries or questions. We really want to make this a great weekend to look back on, so please get involved.
Dates for your Diary
Friday 27th October - Setting up day
Saturday 28th October - Open All Day (9.00 am. to 6.00 pm.)
29th October - Open All Day (9.00 am. to 6.00 pm.)
There is a Celebration service at 10.30 am. on the Sunday.
Rod Phillips - 016974 76172

Click on the Picture below for Photographs from previous Festivals

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