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Parochial Church Council
The next PCC meeting is on
Wednesday 20th March at 7.30 pm. in All Saints Church.

The APCM meeting is on
Wednesday 10th April at 7.00 pm. in All Saints Church.

Church of England Electoral Roll
What is the Church Electoral Roll and why do we have one?
It is your Parish Church’s register of electors for matters concerning All Saints C of E Church at Raughton Head and the wider Anglican church.
It is the list of those qualified to attend and vote at the Annual Parochial Church meetings, where the elections take place for -
    Any person on the electoral roll is entitled to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and may raise any questions of parochial or general church interest.
    The next meeting will be on Wednesday
    10th April at 7.00 pm. in All Saints Church.

    Renewal of the Electoral Roll takes place this year (2019) and every six years thereafter. In this year of renewal,
    no names are carried over from the previous register. Anyone interested in being on the Electoral Roll must make a new application.

    By enrolling you become voting member of the Church of England. This system is intended to enable church people (the Laity) at every level to be in touch with the Church as a whole and to play a part in decision-making within the Church at a local and national level. The administration system is intended to ensure that the Laity have their place in every aspect of church life.

    I hold the post of Electoral Roll officer for All Saints Raughton Head PCC. I will hand out applications for the enrolment on the new Church Electoral Roll. In the first instance,
    I will contact those previously on the Roll so they may re-apply. Any other persons wishing to apply to be part of this aspect of church life in our parish will be very welcome.
    Please contact me for an application from if interested.
    Elizabeth Martin - 01228 711817

    Chairman’s Report -
    Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2018 All Saints Raughton Head
    As the Rev Carter was ill, vice chairman Mr Hallsworth chaired the meeting.
    Mr David Hallsworth and Mr R Phillips were elected as Churchwardens for the coming year. The other PCC members elected were Mrs D Hallsworth, Mr J Bowman, Mrs G Furniss, Mrs E Martin, Mrs M Pinguey, Mrs F Thomlinson, Mrs K Robinson, Mrs C Raffles Mrs J Preston.
    The various reports were read out from the Deanery Synod, the electoral roll. The secretary reported that we were pleased with our fundraising this year, the summer fayre, the Christmas Fayre and Bike Ride. The Lent lunches were catered for, the food bank and books continue to be successful.
    The Reader said she feels lay ministry were being overstretched and running themselves ragged! The Churchwardens said how enjoyable the All Saints wedding festival was and a great success. Our thanks to everyone who put together the family narratives and photos. Christmas Eve, the Christingle still proved to be enlightening especially with the school children taking part in the Christingle. Moving Mountains didn’t prove imaginative or innovative but had enjoyed the walk and talk and the church welcome. The Easter churchyard clean up proved to be a joy, what with spring sunshine and lots of help there was time to discuss everyman and his dog and still get everything done. The Easter flowers were lovely.
    The vicar said he was sorry not to be present as he was ill. The highlight of his year was of course his marriage to Pauline on Easter Monday. It was made really special by everybody who was able to attend. His thanks to all who filled in while he was ill. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have once again planned a nationwide week of prayer leading up to Pentecost entitled Thy Kingdom Come. From May 14
    th to 6th August, I will be on sabbatical, and cover is in place for the whole of that period. During that time, I will be visiting the Diocese of Argentina to help strengthen the links we have and to look at the way ministry is provided there. I will also be visiting the Ffaly-y-Brenin retreat centre in South Wales, which has a particularly powerful ministry based on in its community. I hope to share what I gain from both visits with you on my return. Please continue to pray for all that happens and will happen here, and for God’s guidance.
    Our safeguarding policy was adopted with necessary updates.
    Our thanks go to all who help in any way
    Cleaners – who always do a fantastic and often in secret, task
    Guardian – keep the church safe and accessible
    Flower arrangers – we have a plethora of wonderful flower people
    Organists – Anne, Olive, Richard and Alison (trainee!) We are lucky to have such talented people to call upon
    Doreen – always thought provoking and often amusing
    David steadfastly steering the ship
    Kay – for enthusiasm and hardworking both as treasurer and a PCC member
    Margaret P – for keeping us in line and being accurate in her secretarial duties.
    All the PCC – for listening and acting in good fellowship
    The chairman gave our thanks to Mr Phillips who does a lot of unseen work for the church
    Margaret Pinguey (PCC Secretary) – 01228 711175