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All Saints Church
PCC meeting - Wednesday 20th March - 7.30 pm. in All Saints Church.

Dates for your Diary
Wednesday 10th April - APCM meeting 7.30 pm. in All Saints Church.

Evening Services
– The MARCH Evening Service will be at 4.00 pm.

Hobby Drop-in Group at All Saints Raughton Head.
We are having a morning drop-in coffee morning twice a month, starting in February.
6th and 20th March from 9.30 am. -11.30 am. in All Saints Church
The aim is to share ideas and have company, while completing hobby projects that you have on the go or you might like to explore hidden talents.
My quest is to complete a wool hookie rug that I began back in Oz some years ago!
It would be great to have some company to keep me on target to get it finished in 2019.
Rag rug making is a good way to Up-cycle unwanted textiles and potentially to make something useful and unique. Bring along your own projects, ideas as well as any materials that are no longer needed which could be recycled.
Call in and see if this group is of interest to you or if you have ideas to share.
Refreshments will be available. If interested or you have any queries please contact
Glenda Furniss – 077633 73195


Soup Lunches in Lent
For the six weeks of Lent, there will be a nourishing Soup Lunch served each Friday in Church House, The Square, Dalston, from 12.00 noon to 1.00 pm.
Starting on Friday
8th March until 12th April, each of the 4 churches in our Benefice takes a turn to provide and serve homemade soup, followed by tray bakes and tea or coffee
(Raughton Head’s turn will be on Friday
29th March).
So, there is a wonderful variety, not only of soup, but of cheer and chat.
This year all contributions will go to our mission partners in Northern Argentina.
Any volunteers and helpers will be most welcome.
Molly Marsden - 01228 710584
Libby Smith - 01228 711583

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 10.48.52

Lent Talks
There will be Lent Talks at 12.00 noon. followed by a Lent Lunch on Thursdays in Lent.
These will start on Thursday
14th March until the 11th April, in the Chapel on The Green.
The individual talks are entitled - Welcome, Worship, Worth, Witness and Wealth

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 19.28.32

Bishop James’ Lent Walk
As part of Bishop James’ Lent Walk, he will be visiting our area on Friday
15th March.
We have planned a symbolic walk between St Michael’s Church and the Dalston Methodist Chapel. This will be followed by a longer walk along the Cumbria Way, from Bell Bridge to Bog Bridge and then up to Raughton Head for tea and refreshments in Raughton Head school. Here we will have the chance to hear Bishop James speak to us.
Timings are yet to be confirmed with the Bishop, but we hope to be in Dalston around 1.30 pm. Then to meet at Raughton Head (in order to take as few cars as possible to Bell Bridge) around 2.30 pm. aiming to arrive at the school between 3:30 pm. and 4.00 pm.
All are welcome to join us so please look out for a confirmation of times
Steve Carter – 01228 710215
Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 19.39.30
If anyone would like to be on the rota for reading in church, prayers, cleaning chu
Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 14.37.37
rch, locking church, flowers, please let me know.
Margaret Pinguey – 01228 711175

We still have books to borrow in church, if you
need reading matter over the Christmas Holidays.
Margaret Pinguey – 01228 711175

Food Bank
If you wish to support the North Lakes Food Bank, there is a basket at the back of church
They have given 3 days emergency food supplies to nearly 6000 people in the last year, this includes nearly 2000 children
. They also gave 25 tonnes of food to children as part of our Holiday Lunchpack for kids scheme.
They are asking in particular for
Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.19.28

Fruit Juice 1 ltr
UHT milk 1 ltr (NOT skimmed)
Jam (NOT Homemade)
Tinned Sponge Pudding
Tinned Tomatoes

Please check out the website of the North Lakes Food Bank for details. Thanks.
Margaret Pinguey – 01228 711175

Women’s Refuge
Many thanks indeed for all the acts of kindness to date. The Women’s Refuge is delighted with all the contributions this Parish has made.
In church, we continue to keep a large plastic box under the coffee table for donated items. We will continue to pass on any good condition household items that you no longer need to the Refuge. Your generosity is making such a difference. Thank you.
Elizabeth Martin – 01228 711817

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 13.47.33

Money Matters
I am writing to remind everyone who has signed a gift aid mandate in the past that they must be paying tax to take part in the Gift Aid scheme and that they should let me know if they no longer pay tax, (increases in personal allowances may have put some people out of the tax bracket). Whilst I am all for encouraging getting tax back from the government I do not want anyone to get into trouble with the Inland Revenue.
On the subject of the Gift Aid Scheme please can I ask that envelopes for individual payments are filled out properly or I cannot claim the tax back on their donations (as I don’t have everyone’s addresses I cannot fill this in for them), if you just want to use the envelopes for a donation then please just cross out the gift aid form on the back.
If making a donation by cheque then please could you make it out to ‘Raughton Head PCC’ as this is the name of the Church account, there are several All Saints Churches in north Cumbria and the bank likes things to be clear!
If anyone would like to make regular donations by standing order direct from their bank then please let me know and I will give them a form to enable this. My telephone number is 016974 76463 and email is
kaytech@btinternet.com or kaytech@live.co.uk .
Finally I would like to remind everyone that private financial information is just that, PRIVATE and I will not discuss it with anyone else, not even PCC members. I will also keep written information stored securely.
Thank you to everyone who supports the Church, whether it is financially or in other ways, they are all important.
Kay Robinson (PCC Treasurer)