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All Saints Church
Christingle Service – Sunday 21st January at 4.00 pm.

Evening Service will be at 4.00 pm.

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Parish Magazines Subscriptions
It is that time of year again, The subscriptions of £4.00 are due for the magazine. Would you please pay your distributor. Please let them know if you do not want the magazine next year. You can also pay the church treasurer, Mrs K Robinson, Holme View, High Bridge, Dalston, CA5 7DR. Tel No. 016974 76463. Please place in an envelope with your name and address.
Cheques payable to
Raughton Head PCC.
Margaret Pinguey – 01228 711175

Round Pounds
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As you are all aware, the round pound has now gone out of general circulation. This doesn’t mean that you cannot still put them in the church collection;
I have been assured by our bank that they will still be accepting them in bagged amounts for months to come – possibly years! If you have large quantities that you want to get rid of then simply bag them up and take them to the bank,
I have spare coin bags if you need them.
Kay Robinson - 016974 76463

Church Organist
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Should anyone like to learn the church organ or just practice on it, you are more than welcome. It’s not essential but we would appreciate you getting in touch if you’re interested and initial guidance can be given. This invite applies to all comers, whether young or mature. Please contact any of the church keyholders or
Rod Phillips - 016974 76172

Church Rotas
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Would anyone like to be added to one of our church rotas?
These are for Flowers, Prayers, Readings, Guardian, Cleaning.
Margaret Pinguey - 016974 76279

Money Matters
I am writing to remind everyone who has signed a gift aid mandate in the past that they must be paying tax to take part in the Gift Aid scheme and that they should let me know if they no longer pay tax, (increases in personal allowances may have put some people out of the tax bracket). Whilst I am all for encouraging getting tax back from the government I do not want anyone to get into trouble with the Inland Revenue.
On the subject of the Gift Aid Scheme please can I ask that envelopes for individual payments are filled out properly or I cannot claim the tax back on their donations (as I don’t have everyone’s addresses I cannot fill this in for them), if you just want to use the envelopes for a donation then please just cross out the gift aid form on the back.
If making a donation by cheque then please could you make it out to ‘Raughton Head PCC’ as this is the name of the Church account, there are several All Saints Churches in north Cumbria and the bank likes things to be clear!
If anyone would like to make regular donations by standing order direct from their bank then please let me know and I will give them a form to enable this. My telephone number is 016974 76463 and email is
kaytech@btinternet.com or kaytech@live.co.uk .
Finally I would like to remind everyone that private financial information is just that, PRIVATE and I will not discuss it with anyone else, not even PCC members. I will also keep written information stored securely.
Thank you to everyone who supports the Church, whether it is financially or in other ways, they are all important.
Kay Robinson (PCC Treasurer)