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This year, I gave up work for Lent! Not intentionally, mind you. The whole season was planned out, with Lent courses, Lent lunches, various important school events, the normal pattern of church life as well as the Moving Mountains mission that we had planned and prayed for, for so long. Then I was taken ill and unable to do any of that! Unable even to look after myself! It was quite a shock to the system! I pride myself on being self-reliant and fit – running, cycling, walking, playing badminton and table-tennis when I can – but suddenly I was immobile, spending 4 days in hospital (and catheterized just 28 days before our wedding day!!) wondering if my temperature would ever come down and allow me to feel warm again. It was strange having to rely on others for everything.

Sometimes, I think God allows these things to happen to show us that we are human and need to rely on him and on each other. I’ve been blown over by the way so many have pitched in to help take on the things I should have been doing, and for the love and prayers that Pauline and I have felt during the past month. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone!

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April this year is a full Easter month, with Easter Day falling on the 1st. It’s a month to celebrate the glorious fact that Jesus did not stay in the grave – he was raised from the dead and is alive today, enabling us to come back to God and enjoy his presence and guidance in all that we do, say and think. I love that Easter feeling of life and freshness, and as I write this I am looking forward to it meaning so much more this year. For me Easter 2018 signals a return to health, the start of a new life as Pauline and I marry on the 2nd, sharing a bigger family as we both become step-parents to each other’s children, and the exciting challenge of how all this might help our ministries to develop.

For all this, I trust the One who gave his life on our behalf, who rose from the dead, and who is alive today. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and what is best for us at any one moment – even when it doesn’t seem like it to us!

Happy Easter!
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