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What a difference a bit of warmth makes! Easter brought in some wonderfully warm weather, and many aches and pains that had held sway over the winter began to recede! I’m always amazed at how quickly the shorts and tee-shirts appear at the first hint of summer weather. It lifts the spirit too, with the thought of a long summer of lengthened days, with, perhaps, a holiday or too thrown in!
The Easter celebrations have a similar effect, following the long Lenten period with the glorious news of the Resurrection of Jesus! What joy those first Christians must have had to realise that what Jesus had been telling them would happen had actually taken place and that he was alive again! During the month of May, we follow the story of the disciples gradually getting used to that fact and actually meeting the risen Jesus for themselves. Jesus encourages them and builds them up – especially Peter, who had denied Jesus 3 times. This part of the story ends with Jesus leaving them to await the arrival of the Holy Spirit, who will give them the courage and boldness to tell others about Jesus, and we celebrate that event on Ascension Day – 30
th May.
om the weeks that have led up to that moment.

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From that day until the Day of Pentecost – when the Holy Spirit arrived to transform the disciples and all who believe in Jesus – the disciples dedicated themselves to prayer, and we will do the same this year. Back in 2016, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York invited us to observe the Novena – the 9 days between Ascension Day and Pentecost – by making a commitment to pray each day for those who don’t know Jesus for themselves. This has now developed into a world-wide initiative shared by all the major Christian denominations. Prayer is a powerful spiritual tool which becomes far more powerful when shared in this way. Imagine what a difference we could make to this world if every single Christian were to pray as part of this initiative!
Our churches will be open early to allow those who work to join in, and material will be provided to aid us in our prayers each day from Friday March 31
st to Saturday June 8th. Please feel free to pop in to church, for however long you wish, at any time during the day and to use the materials provided. And may God bless you as you discover what a difference a bit of prayer makes!

Steve Carter – 01228 710215