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Exam season is over for another year, and yet another set of students are spending weeks worrying about the results they will get towards the end of August. The 2 years of study are over, there is no more revision to be done, and all they can do is wait! Some will find jobs for the summer to earn a bit of spending money, others will do voluntary work of one sort or another, a few will gain experience in the field they aspire to work in, and some will simply enjoy a long break, but all will be wondering about their results and how they will affect their future. Will they be able to continue in education to the sixth form or to university? Will they be able to go to the establishment of their choice? What career will their results allow them to follow? How will their friends and family react to their results? It’s quite a stressful time, really!
But does all this really matter? There are many different ways of living life, and different people are suited to different life-styles. Some people are academic and others are practical, and there are many strands to both those ways of life. What is more important is finding the occupation with which we are most comfortable, no matter what others may dream for us.
There is, however, something far more important than all this. Jesus was talking with his disciples about his own future, and it was a future that was far from comfortable. He told them that he would have to travel to Jerusalem and be made to suffer before being put to death by the religious authorities. The disciples were horrified and tried to contradict him, but Jesus went on to say that, to be successful, we have to put others first and be prepared to follow Jesus’ example of self-giving in order to do that. He went on to say that “whoever wants to save his own life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. Will a person gain anything if he wins the whole world but is himself lost or defeated? Of course not! If a person is ashamed of me and of my teaching, then the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.”
Jesus was saying that the only thing that really matters in this world is our belief in him and our willingness to be guided by him in all we do. It’s easy to be so wrapped up in what we want to do that we forget about Jesus and about spending time with him and following his ways. I will be praying for good results for those I know who are waiting for them, but I will be praying more that they will love and follow Jesus. “He has the words of eternal life!”
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