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Our vicar Steve is away until the beginning of August, so it has fallen on me, on behalf of All Saints PCC, to write a few words.
As I write we are still enjoying the wonderful long spell all warm sunny weather which, after a long and sometimes difficult winter, has transformed are always lovely parish into a garden of Eden and our beloved Northern Fells are standing out like sentinels.
Have you ever seen the trees, hedgerows and gardens looking more beautiful? Maybe one of the advantages of growing older is that we have the time to appreciate it more.
Cumbria can you grow grass like nowhere else. Non-farmers probably dread silage time, with all those horrible noisy tractors and trailers hindering our road travel and peace and quiet. But silage time (1
st cut) came just in time this year, because feedstocks were getting low for some. Silage on livestock farms is are maincrop. If we couldn’t get it farmers would be bankrupt and animals hungry. It could be compared with not having your monthly paycheque or pension paid into your bank, bills would mount up.
There are about 16 farms in our parish 9 of them dairy (less than half the number than before the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak). All are working in challenging times, but farmers have learnt over the centuries to work with the seasons and the weather and loving their way of life despite the grumbles.
By the time you read this the weather will probably have reverted to normal service and we will miss the warmth, but we must remember that sunshine doesn’t solve all our problems - think of Syria Yemen etc. etc. they have plenty of sun.
How can we equate counting our blessings and learning to be more content, with fighting for a fairer society? An overused saying is “God only knows”, but perhaps He does.
Joan Bowman – 016974 76535

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